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Branch Manager in Malta

Job Description
As a Branch Manager, you will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing all branch operations, including staff hiring, training, and supervision. You will need to come up with appropriate strategies to increase productivity and performance levels in order to achieve the branch's financial targets by attracting new customers and partners, as well as retaining the already existing ones.
- Creating, implementing, and evaluating the branch’s business plan:
- Designing and implementing financial performance plans, strategies, and any other operational activity.
- Hiring new employees, training, mentoring, supervising, and disciplining administrative staff in order to ensure the overall efficiency of daily operations:
- Assigning, overseeing, and monitoring administrative and financial tasks;
- keeping up-to-date on current banking regulations, policies, procedures, and protocols, and ensuring that employees are too;
- developing and implementing customer service procedures;
- ensuring that goals and deadlines are met and that projects are led in compliance with the institution’s policies and procedures; and
- liaising with the head office and other branch offices to ensure the smooth management of
- operations and the achievement of overall business goals.
- Monitoring the financial transactions executed and the office activity performed at the branch office:
- Auditing financial transactions and any other action executed by employees;
- preparing quarterly reports, daily revenues, and other administrative reports;
- overseeing the completion of thorough reports and analyses on the bank operations carried out in the branch office; and
- analyzing office activity and employee performance, identifying trends, and making appropriate recommendations and adjustments to current work methods and systems.
- Overseeing office equipment maintenance, monitoring, calibration, and repair, as well as replacement of missing supplies, when necessary.
- Building and maintaining strategic ties with the community, as well as networking with existing and potential customers in order to establish long-term, trustworthy relationships.

- Ensuring all employees handle their clients’ activities in an accurate, unbiased, and profitable way, following high ethical standards when performing financial transactions.
- Ensuring that employees comply with current Banking regulations and internal procedures.
- Providing guidance, counseling, and consultation to employees in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.
- Monitoring budgets and ensuring sales targets are met, motivating staff to achieve objectives.
- Meeting with customers to solve issues or complaints and monitoring their feedback.
- Developing relationships with the community and other businesses.
- Communicating with colleagues of other branch offices.
- Keeping detailed computerized records and reporting all of the branch office operations and activities, including employee performance.

Our Benefits
- Working and living in the sunny island of Malta
- Dynamic and Fun events
- A competitive salary
- Fresh fruits
- Office in central location
- Monthly birthday celebration

Salary: Negotiable   

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